This Is Where We Bury It


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Words and music by J. Stoll
©2002 Janine Stoll
Arrangement by John MacLean and Larry Graves
Recorded by John MacLean, World Records
Featuring Mr. Something Something

Erotic I am not
I think I’m afraid of you
But the fear makes me hot
I’d like to know what you plan to do next
Silent, yes I am
I just don’t know how to fight
But I’ll try to understand
Every word that you write

* ‘Cause I hear you’re writing a novel
And I wanna read your book
But it’s written in a language
That I mistook for a language that I could understand

Would you read to me your story
If my eyes were a prettier shade of grey?
And would you assure me that
despite everything I’ve done wrong
that everything would just be okay?
I don’t know much about small towns
I’ve only been around ’em when I was on my guard
But maybe if I let down my hair
I would find that you do care
And we could finally talk to one another

* Chorus

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Devour You

The way your mouth pushes out your words
Makes me want to eat your lips
Put your hands upon my face
So I can lick your fingertips
Kiss your sleeping eyes
They taste like apricot
I’ll boil you in a pot
So I can drink your broth
I will drink your broth

* ‘Cause you are delicious
I will devour you
I am suspicious that though you are sweet
You are sour too
You are delicious
I will devour you
I’ll eat every last part of you

You leave a trail of sugar
Every time you leave my side
I’ll lap up every grain
Until I find the place you hide
I’ll graze upon your stomach
On your chest, and taste your neck
I’ll torture every inch
Until I taste your sweat
I will taste your sweat

* Chorus

It leaves such a dark stain
The sweetness of my lover’s pain
And I’ll consume each part
And I will leave your heart

* Chorus

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Lay Your Hands On Me

Lay your hands on me
I’ve been waiting such a long time
Lay your hands on me
Just do it before I change my mind
‘Cause even a blind man can see
How I blush and make a scene
I love you so hard
You make a fool outta me
So lay your hands on me before I change my mind
Lay your mouth on me
Before I fall apart
Lay your mouth on me
I’m prepared to lose my heart
‘Cause even a deaf man can hear
How I tremble with fear
At the notion of losing your loving, my dear
So lay your mouth on me before I change my mind
Lay your body on me
I’m desperate to feel that heat
Lay your body on me
‘Cause I don’t give a damn if it ain’t discreet
‘Cause even a dead man can tell
That I’m trapped under your spell
And if it’s coming at a price
Then I will gladly go to hell
So lay your body on me
Before I change my mind
Lay your body on me before I change my mind

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Disappearing Act
Words and music by J. Stoll
©2003 Janine Stoll
Arrangement by John MacLean and Larry Graves
Recorded by John MacLean, World Records
Featuring Mr. Something Something, Steve Dyte, Todd Porter & Mike Milligan

Who is that juggler juggling?
Where’s his hat? Think I’ll throw a quarter in
Beg for chats and take him out drinking
Dig for facts of a great disappearing act

I’ve got feet, I could keep walking
If I’m discreet, impartial to talking
I’ll baffle and beat the border guard’s blocking
And be home-free on my great disappearing act

*I could dig a tunnel to China
Wear dark glasses, and change my name
I’ll keep looking until I can find
A place where I can avoid the blame

All my friends, they are celebrities
I depend on them for their sympathy
Will they send a tracker to follow me?
Apprehend on my great disappearing act

* Chorus

But what if they find me in the trunk of a Cadillac
On the Mexican border?
Will they send me back?
Gentlemen, I give you the greatest, astounding, amazing
Disappointment of all time

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Words and music by J. Stoll
©2004 Janine Stoll
Arrangement by John MacLean and Larry Graves
Recorded by John MacLean, World Records
Featuring Mr. Something Something, Mike Milligan & Lisa Winn

In that bright photograph
I could swear you faked your laugh
‘Cause I know your name’s on a long list of broken girls
I would trade all I own
To go back and take you home
And stay with you ’til the fear takes its leave

* Suddenly
Nothing happens suddenly
Everything takes place to grind your will down
Don’t lose faith in what is good and what is right
Can you even tell the difference anymore?

Playing games in the dark
You’re too small to build an ark
So don’t count on the water to float you out of this
Though it’s futile and thin
You can hide inside your skin
Until the morning brings the promise of leaving

* Chorus

Water comes from the sky
And from pain behind your eyes
Though you’re pretty, you bear witness to these ugly things
You could fight, but you’ve found
You’re much safer on the ground
Laying still until the worst has come and gone
* Chorus

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Leaving Autumn
Words and music by J. Stoll
©2004 Janine Stoll
Arrangement by Janine Stoll and Paul MacDougall
Recorded by John MacLean, World Records
Featuring Paul MacDougall

On the day that you leave I’ll be wearing your housecoat
You will still be in bed
With all these thoughts in your head
Wishing you could sleep it all away
I’ll make the coffee the way that you like it
Far too strong to be good
The way you wish that you could be
On the morning that you’re leaving me

* I forgive you and choose to bend
Though I know how this will end

Ain’t it funny how the rain sets the mood for disaster
Or sets the mood to disarm?
In trading comfort for harm
I already know the way it’s going to be
Put on your clothes as I walk in the bedroom
Kiss me soft on the cheek
Seems redundant to speak
We both knew you would be leaving me

* Chorus

I will escort you on the way to the bus stop
Help you carry your things
say “if you need anything you know where I will always be.”
You sail away just as I remember
I forgot to tell you this part
Perhaps I loved you too hard
Made it hard to say you’re leaving me

* Chorus

The turbulence
The calm
The lonely

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Lament of a Lazy Lover

Hey doctor you gotta help me
I got this problem you see
Well I’ll do what I can but there’s no guarantee
Well I could use your advice for what’s ailing me
Tell me your worry and I’ll be the jury
I got a thing for a fella who barely knows I exist
Seems I’m heading for that hill and I’ve never been kissed
I can’t even imagine all the boats that I’ve missed
I leave the catch to other women
‘Cause I’m better off at swimmin’
If a hot little dress would fill him with lust
I’d probably wear pants and flatten out my bust
I know it makes no sense, but I think that it’s just
I’d much rather take a nap than set some crazy love trap

* I’m a lazy predator when it comes to my prey
I’d much rather go hungry than get caught up in a fray
Not the confident go-getter that I try to portray
Much to my own dismay

Do you dig being lonely?
I don’t think that I do
Do you want someone with money?
I’ll leave that one to you
Then you’re probably just shy
Maybe that part is true, but tell me what’s gonna fix it?
Try putting on lipstick

* Chorus

It’s sorta hard to say, but I’d wager you’re frightened
You’re not sure what to expect when it comes to the tight end
But hold onto your seat, baby, prepare to be enlightened
The fellas that you shoo are likely just as afraid as you
* Chorus

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Empty Bottles

Daddy works at the bank
When the bankers have gone home
Daddy polishes the granite
Daddy shines up all the chrome
And on the weekends at the Legion
All the old folks have a ball
Daddy waits in the wings
‘Til the bartender’s last call
Mr. Music, play the record
Deutschland marching songs abound
Put the ashes in the garbage
Get the streamers off the ground
Don’t let nothin’ go to waste
Even if it’s in poor taste
You got a lot of half-drunken bottles to empty

* She’s not sleeping, she’s so tired
She’s too busy weeping about the liar
And empty bottles

Let’s call it 1944
Near the ending of the war
Two young lovers in a country torn in two
We can get out on a boat
Cross the vast Atlantic moat
Canada will have a better life for you
I’d rather fight to get a job
Than fight Russians in frozen water
Yeah, I’d rather be a janitor
‘Cause I think that would be better
But who’d have known it’d come to this?
‘Cause no one offers you a medal
To mop floors and clean the glass and the brew
* Chorus

Well he had a vision
A false premonition
Growing flowers in a room
Built out of glass
Contributing gas into the Baby Boom
Then there’s a wall
And some day we all fall
We’re ashes to dust
So swallow your pride
Heaven’s on your side
We can’t see all the things that we trust
It’s been twenty years, I think
Since your lips have touched a drink
Reinvented as a stranger in our lives
Trade your house for an apartment
Trade your shame in for denial
Find a new family and marry a new wife
As far as circumstances go
Ours were hard to bear, I know
Maybe that’s why you put your life upon a shelf
Time can dry up angry tears
But time won’t heal all of those years
Until you finally can reconcile yourself

* Chorus

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Leave it all Behind

Load the empties in the wagon
You can get ten cents per bottle at the beer store
Maybe you’ll afford another 2-4
You got a lot of bottles to return
Send your kids to the convenience store
With a letter for your cigarettes and some candy
If kids could play the lottery, it would be handy
You’d never have to leave your house
But someday kids are bound to hate their folks
And drink your beer and a pinch your smokes
You still been paying the idiot tax
Become the butt of everybody’s jokes

* So tell me, what’s the point of even trying
When all I’m doing is crying all the time?
If this is all today has to offer
Will anybody notice if I leave it all behind?

Another Monday with the talk-show hosts
The want ads, they don’t ever want nothing from me
So turn the page and scopin’ out the funnies
Just can’t seem to crack a smile
Second-hand is on demand these days
It seems that’s all the government can pay for
But I ain’t bitter ’bout avoiding all the fancy stores
‘Cause there are more important things I guess
Like what if this is all I get?
A life of sadness, strife, and debt
When your kids got nothing to be proud of
Maybe it’s time to lay down another bet

* Chorus

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Kitchen Table

It’s four o’clock in the morning and you’re rolling out of bed
Put another pot of coffee on to shock your groggy head
The cigarette smoke forms a haze and is cutting off your breath
Now you fail to see the naked calendar girl you share your secrets with
Is blasphemy like the lottery when you live your life in chance?
‘Cause it’s safer to mumble and wish for pride than to take a stronger stance
Those sticks and stones may crush your bones, but those words can burn your heart
So you hide your life behind the kitchen table as the pieces of you depart
And I trace out the labyrinth in the lines upon your face
You say you’re making a difference by taking up space
You work each day and you come home to find no children and no wife
And you turn to me and you softly say you need people to live a life
I’ve felt my guilt for holding you down but never holding on
But you never know how much you need someone until you find them gone
Now your little girl has grown too tall and your little boy has died
So you make your life a lonely bus stop and wait there for your ride that never comes
And I still chase out the demons that exist beyond your eyes
Are they gay and black or just different to condone how you despise?
But I think they condone why you are alone ’cause bitterness has its price
But I still cry for you when I hear you say you need people to live a life
And I guess we both know that your pearls of wisdom
Were only marbles masked in shiny paint
And the kitchen table has worn so thin it’s bound to blow away
But the inch of dust on the picture frame promised you that it would stay
You’d better get to bed real soon because tomorrow you work and fight
And I turn to you and I softly say you need more to live a life
It’s hard to change and it’s hard to hate, it’s even harder to be brave
For the man who chases his tail until he trips into his grave

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What of These Things

You shaved your head
What the hell you thinking?
It’s January and cold outside
You forgot your hat and I miss your hair
Let’s celebrate
With a glass of vacant words and loaded silence

* I love you
What of these things you do?

The dinner’s cold
I’ve been waiting seven hours at the table
So where’ve you been?
You don’t have to say, but I wish you could
We complicate
All this pain with bitter lines of empty anger

* Chorus

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Where is the Rain

5pm, my work is over
A bottle of wine, a frozen dinner
A disturbing documentary
Wish someone would hold me down and love me
Before I hit myself
Before I hurt myself

* Where is the rain you promised?
Where is the rain you promised?
Where is the rain you promised me?

I hide away in a cul-de-sac
No one knows I’m here
‘Cept the fear and the arrogance
Walk the streets like a stranger
‘Til someone knows I’m there
And then they want something

* Chorus

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Lost to Me

When you are lost to me
I’ll be on a train travelling through the Rhine Valley
Set down hard on a lap of a moneyed gentleman
And I will fall in love if I choose to

* You do not have the heart to hurt me
I’ve never seen it in full view
Guess you haven’t tried hard enough to find me
But it makes no difference
I’ve always been lost to you

Now it seems I am lost on a warm continent
In a town where I don’t speak the language
With your smell on my skin
‘Cause I haven’t had a bath
Since the last I was in your presence

* Chorus

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